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The Swiss pavilion at Expo 2017 invites its visitors to discover the famous Swiss natural landscape. The trick is that visitors to the pavilion must actively engage with the exhibition in order to achieve or maintain this natural beauty. In other words, the pavilion mirrors the real-life efforts society as a whole must make in terms of energy efficiency, resource management and cross-border cooperation.

Upon entering the pavilion, visitors are initially confronted by a grey and bland space. Only when they find and enter three houses scattered within the landscape and interact with the exhibition inside, does the outside landscape come to life and turn beautifully green. Visitors measure their personal energy balance and the extent to which their daily involvement with energy has consequences on the environment they inhabit. The impact of climate change, as well as the necessity for global cooperation when managing sustainable energy sources, are also addressed inside one of the houses.

Additionally, the swissnex Lab will connect the world and Switzerland in terms of science, education and innovation, presenting Switzerland as a leading destination for research and at the same time providing a platform to facilitate exchange and cooperation between scientists, students and entrepreneurs in a series of special events, workshops and temporary exhibits.

The Swiss pavilion will open its doors on 10 June, and expects to welcome 500,000 visitors over the course of the three months. News, updates and videos will follow in the near future.

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