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Japan lacks energy resources. In order to solve the challenges of energy consumption and environmental problems that are increasing along with our economic growth, we have worked on the promotion of energy conservation, the introduction of new energies, and the reduction of CO2 emissions with the whole nation involved. We are also now re-doubling our efforts toward When guests from around the world visit Japan Pavilion, this "all-Japan spirit of challenge" will be on display for all to see.

In addition, we will showcase an image of Japan that is able to contribute to solving the world’s problems through our technological strengths in response to the theme of EXPO 2017 Astana – “Future Energy.”

*3E+S: This is our greatest initiative toward achieving the primary goal of energy security (E), while also realizing a low-cost energy supply through economic efficiency (E) and adapting to the environment (E) – all under the assumption of safety (S).





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