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Pavilion "Nur Alem" / Empty title

It is located at the first floor of Nur Alem Pavilion where visitors may acquaint themselves with the history, culture, traditions, sites and also recent achievements of Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan procures the content and thematic dressing of the national Pavilion. Besides, the Ministry, together with Astana EXPO-2017 National Company, is responsible for thematic content of the Pavilion’s “Creative Energy” section.

The ‘Creative Energy’ section will consist of four displays:

1. Display “The Initiatives of Head of State in Energy and Environment Protection. The State Policy”.

In this display, the initiatives of Head of State in energy and ecology will be presented, such as Energy and Ecology Strategy, ‘Green Bridge’ Partnership Program, Concept of Transition of Kazakhstan to green economy and others. All the initiatives of Kazakhstani Head of State will be shown in the form of video clip with information.

 2. Display “The projects of National Scientists and Organizations in Future Energy and Startup Projects”.

The Ministry has selected 27 scientific developments of Kazakhstani scientists. The selection was done by the scientific-technical council established under the Ministry in two stages. One more project was selected by
the TV audience via the Future Energy TV Contest.

The themes of the selected projects is linked with technologies of new renewable power sources development, energy storage systems, reduction of negative environmental impact, energy sector and climate.

All the 28 projects are executed as multimedia content, and 11 projects of them are also made in the form of scale models. The multimedia content is to be done in the form kiosks with screens.

On October 27, 2016, the RK Ministry of Energy held a large-scale international event: NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. The international contest of startups demonstrated high interest of the international community of
accelerators, investors and young scientists in Kazakhstan and development of new technologies in our country.

The event organizers received about 800 bids from 50 countries: The USA, Australia, Russia, China, Canada, Israel, France, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, India, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Nigeria, Egypt, Angola and others in the sector of energy and green economy.

International experts from Silicon Valley, University of Tel Aviv, and British Petroleum TPO 100 projects were selected which participated in the contest final on October 27, 2016, at the Independence Palace in Astana. By the results of the contest, the TOP 30 projects were selected to be displayed at the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition.

 3. Display “Kazakhstan on the Way to Green Economy”.

Along with innovations, it is planned to demonstrate the devotion and readiness of Kazakhstan for development of green economy.

By today in the Kazakhstani regions, projects in green economy sectors are being implemented or ready to start implementation. Renewable energy sources facilities operate in the country, and there are samples of successful
projects in energy efficiency in industry, construction, utility sector, transport; project in sustainable agriculture and water.

These projects will be shown at the interactive map of Kazakhstan where an Exhibition visitor may click a region and see information on all its projects.


4. Display “Tokamak Kazakhstani Material Testing Fusion Rector”.

The display is to highlight the work on creation of the fusion reactor under the international project and show the process of plasma production as exemplified by Tokamak Fusion Reactor. 

Launching of Tokamak by Head of State is planned during the Exhibition, and a scale model of the Tokamak inner structure will be placed at the Pavilion with demonstration of plasma production from inside.




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