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June 30 is the National Day of Madagascar.

At the Stage of National Day, Vice Minister of the Republic of Madagascar for Youth and Sports Mr. Herihajaina Robert Randrianirina will stand up with salutary address. Mister Randrianirina is a member of Council of the TAFITA Association (the association for protection of children in the outlying regions of Madagascar), consultant in economy, management and globalization, and also expert in sports and tourism economy.

Under the National Day Culture Program, performers of the “Tsienomparihy” group will play the traditional instruments of Madagascar: a string jejy voatavo and djembe drum. Malagasy music is very melodic and differs from many traditions of continental Africa by domination of string instruments over drums. The "Tsienimparihy" group transmits typical Malagasy culture by its unconventional music throughout Africa; and now the performers will for the first time appear in Central Asia, in Astana at EXPO-2017!



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