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On the 20th day of the Astana EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition, Israel will celebrate its National Day.

The EXPO-2017 theme of Israel, “Energy of Creation”, has not been chosen by chance as it reflects the whole essence and diversity of developments and achievements in alternative energy. “Energy of Creation” is “Future Energy” propelled by knowledge, creative skills and passion of the people of Israel. 

“Israel is not rich in natural resources but it has the most precious resource of energy. Primarily, it is the human resource into which Israel invests much. All our achievements became possible thanks to the people of Israel and their creative skills of construction,” marked EXPO-2017 Israeli Commissioner Elazar Cohen.

Israel possesses unique picturesque culture and energy determined by the whole charm of the diversity contained in everyday life of the Israeli people. With this purpose, completely various music performers have been invited for the whole period of the Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition; they may be not very much renowned here, in Kazakhstan, but they have a task to deliver the inimitable spirit of Israel.

Intentionally in honor of the National Day of Israel, Israeli singer of Ethiopian origin Aveva will appear at EXPO-2017. The original motives of Aveva’s own songs will charge all the guests with driving energy of love and freedom.

For the guests of Israel at Expo-2017, the world famous drummers’ group the ‘King David Peace Drummers’ will also appear. “A ‘djembe’ drum is a mighty instrument capable of waking the energy of everybody,” says the founder of the group Eyal Davidoff. Traveling through the world, the ‘King David Peace Drummers’ have played for many world leaders including Dalai Lama, the Pope and numerous heads of states. Davidoff’s drum is sufficient to ignite everyone’s spirit stirring up mighty flow of energy.

In addition to this, till the Exhibition ending, Israel will amaze its guests with rich cultural program and various events. 





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