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Media Center / Announcement / On July 7th 2017, the Apulia Regional Government invites you to take part in the seminar “Smart technologies4Smart Energies Sector”, dedicated to experts, businesses and research institutions, active in the energy sector

The seminar aims to provide an interesting opportunity for debate and discussion on the evolution of the energy sector in Apulia, covering the following topics:

- the development of Apulia’s energy sector

- Apulia’s new policy directions for the energy sector

- the regional “eco-environment” for innovation in the energy sector

- successful investments and innovative projects in Apulia.

The seminar is organised by the Apulia regional government with the support of Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A., a regional government agency which manages a wide range of flexible incentive schemes, designed to facilitate investments in Apulia and stimulate growth and development through business collaboration within the region.

“The Apulia Region is the leader in Italy for renewable energies, not only for the production of wind and photovoltaic energy, for which it’s at the top of the ranking of the Italian regions, but also for the know-how acquired: today Apulia produces 25.4% of its own energy from renewable sources.

Thanks to this important experience, we are here at Expo Astana 2017, to show how smart technologies can be combined with energy”, says Loredana Capone, Regional Minister for Economic Development of Apulia Region, “After the regional boost for renewable energy, today we focus on energy savings through the tools provided by technological innovation. Indeed, Apulia produces twice as much energy as it needs, from all kind of sources; that’s why we don’t need to produce more than we already do, but we need to save. Avoiding waste is our new goal and it’s also the reason why we are focusing on building efficiency”

Reference Information:

Situated in the South-east of Italy Apulia is an ideal location for “smart” business and investment opportunities.

Apulia is a welcoming, creative, sustainable and dynamic region, with an ever increasing international standing, offering significant advantages to potential investors: a strategic geographic location; an efficient transportation network; a young and skilled workforce; an attractive range of business incentives; high levels of investments in research and training; a great quality of life.

The regional government’s new “Smart Specialization Strategy” will provide a significant boost to advanced business sectors in the region, such as aerospace, mechatronics and biotechnology, whereas the focus for new investments will be on “smart” business sectors, including advanced manufacturing, creative industries and the digital agenda.

Apulia’s biotechnology sector, characterized by the emergence of a business network involving large mne’s local smes as well as spin-offs supported by a dynamic research system that has reached levels of excellence and is growing fast especially in the areas of red and green biotech.

Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A., a regional government controlled company, manages regional incentive initiatives for business investments and is on hand to provide support to investors, guiding them step by step through the investment process.




For additional information, please contact us at, or call 87017469806 (Gulmira Kunapiya).


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