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Media Center / Announcement / The National Day of the Republic of Latvia 09.07.2017, 15.00

In the program of the event: the concert of Intars Busulis together with Maris Briezkalns’ quintet.

Latvia has been famous for its musical talents at all times. Playing music and singing for us means to share our nature and energy. The popular Latvian singer, musician and composer - Intars Busulis will perform on the National Day Stage. His career started with a jazz orchestra, now he plays both popular music and jazz compositions, and continues to perform as a trombonist in the Latvian Radio big band.

We have prepared special, sophisticated program for the National Day concert. The musicians will play songs of the legendary maestro Raymond Pauls on the poems of Evgenij Evtushenko, as well as world hits in jazz cover.

Together with the songs of Intars Busulis, the audience can enjoy the virtuosic performance of the Maris Briezhkalns’ quintet, one of the leading jazz bands in Latvia. Their play is a unique combination of classical music and jazz rhythms that excite, inspire and touch your very heart.


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