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On July 12 at 10.00 the national day of the African Republic of Ghana will be celebrated.

Vice-minister for religious affairs and civil society of RoK Aryn Berik Sakbaiuly and Deputy Minister of trade and industry of Ghana Ahenkorah Kingsley will address the guests with a welcoming speech.

As part of the cultural program, Ghana artists will perform a musical theatre performance WHEELS. WHEELS depicts motion, energy, power, industry and wealth. To keep in motion the wheels of industry that provides wealth, the source of energy must be sustainable. WHEELS also depicts movement from past to future and from generation to generation and the quest for development that provides for equitable social wealth. The central debate at the core of the story is about how to keep the wheels in motion today and at the same time also protect the interests of future generations…

The national day of Ghana will continue with the business forum on the topic "GHANA - HAVEN OF RENEWABLE ENERGY OPPORTUNITIES" with the participation of the Vice Minister of Trade and Industry of Ghana, the Ambassador of Ghana in Moscow, Mr. Kodzu Kpoku Alabo, representatives of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ghana Free Trade Zones Board.




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