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Media Center / Announcement / Flash Mob at 10:00 am by Nur Alem Pavilion

Dear journalists!

On Wednesday July 12, at 08:20 am at the Entrance Unit ‘North’ of the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition in Astana city, the Exhibition Organizational Committee together with the Pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany, under the sportive campaign ‘Morning Exercise with Champion’, are running another warm-up. This time, the campaign guest is Volker Stüwe, a German sportsman, world-class athlete, who came from Germany to Astana alone having covered the distance of 5,500 km.

The main campaign participants are the EXPO-2017 volunteers and staffers.

May we remind you that under the ‘Morning Exercise with Champion’ campaign, it already is the 7th event in succession aimed at promotion of physical culture and sports including involvement of the best sportsmen into the campaign. Besides, the purpose of the event is organization of regular exercising physical culture for all the citizens of Astana and EXPO-2017 guests.

*Volker Stüwe

A German bicyclist having already made a number of cycling tours for distances of 4,400 to 7,212 km.

He has fully crossed Australia from north to south and travelled from Nordcape to Gibraltar.

 Address: 55 Mangilik El St., Astana city

For enquiries, call: 87474411947

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