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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Milan Štĕch: the EXPO-2017 theme is a topical issue of the Czech Republic

Today at the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition, the National Day of the Czech Republic has been celebrated. The event was attended by the Czech Parliament Senate Chairman Milan Štĕch, Speaker of Kazakhstani Parliament Senate Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev and Astana EXPO-2017 National Company Chairman of Board Akhmetzhan Yessimov.

In his speech, Mr. Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev marked that the EXPO-2017 Exhibition would give an impulse to technological renovation and strengthening of international cooperation. With that, he reminded that the Exhibition would promote development of many economic sectors and appearance of new sciences. Speaker of Senate told the guests and international participants about the further use of the Exhibition facilities upon closure thereof.

“Kazakhstan intends to join the 30 most developed countries. This is why in the Exhibition area the International Financial Center ‘Astana’ will be located, Innovational Technologies Park, and Center of Green Technologies Development will operate under the auspices of the UN,” said Mr. Tokaev.

In his turn, Mr. Milan Štĕch marked the importance of participation of Czechia in the EXPO-2017 Exhibition.

“There are several reasons for our participation in the Exhibition. The first is in the multiyear friendly relations. The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic are partners in Central Asia. The second is the EXPO-2017 theme: ‘Future Energy’. For us, the best energy is renewable ecologically clean energy. Therefore, the scientists and researchers of the Czech Republic do their best to make our economy ‘green’. A number of renewable energy technologies are displayed at the Pavilion of Czechia,” marked Mr. Milan Štĕch.

Upon the official part, the guests visited the Pavilions of Kazakhstan and Czechia; and artists from Prague Conservatory and acrobat dancers continued their performances on the Stage of National Day.

It is worth noting that the index of renewable energy sources use in Czechia amounts to 13%. And the area of Czech Pavilion at EXPO is 292.5 square meters. There, works in development of new technologies in renewable energy sources are displayed: revolutionary designs of waste recycling, an electric bicycle and electric bus.


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