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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / By 2027, the CELAC countries intend to increase the renewable energy source share to 17 %

By 2015, the share of renewable energy sources in the CELAC countries amounted to 9.1%, and by 2027, the governments of these countries intend to increase it to 17%. It was reported in the course of the CELAC counties National Day celebration by Grenada Minister of Health, Social Security and International Business Mr. Nicolas Steele. In his speech, he marked that the CELAC member states had all the conditions necessary for development of renewable energy sources.


“Our environment is very favorable and fully comply with establishment of a network of economically viable renewable energy sources. In all the countries, solar energy makes the basic part of renewable energy, but in some countries such as Belize and Guiana, hydro energy is developed. Geothermal energy of the Caribbean dominates in its East part; and we also have a possibility to recycle waste into energy and use of ocean and its waves’ energy,”relayed Mr. Nicolas Steele.


In his turn, the Republic of Kazakhstan Vice Minister of International Affairs Mr. Erzhan Ashikbaev said that cooperation between Kazakhstan and the CELAC countries bears significant potential for establishment of international centers within the frames of green technologies and investment projects.


“We are longing for active interaction and cooperation with the Caribbean Community countries. Taking into account dependence of some regions of the CELAC member states from import of fuel for generation of electric energy, we understand that development of renewable energy sources and green economy are important for the Caribbean. EXPO-2017 presents a good platform for strengthening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Caribbean Community. The EXPO-2017 theme ‘Future Energy’ is also very important for ecologically balanced sustainable development of our country,”concluded Mr. Erzhan Ashikbaev.

The National Day of CELAC was continued by a picturesque parade of the delegation and guests to the Pavilion of member states and a visit to the Kazakhstani Pavilion ‘Nur Alem’; and also by a cultural program on the Stage of National Day where performances of artists from Grenada, Belize and Haiti took place.

Besides, under the celebration of the Caribbean Community National Day, for the Exhibition guests, a bright concert was given by the ”BURNING FLAMES” group from Antigua and Barbuda.

         The group members astonished everyone with their live performance accompanied by Caribbean music and charged all the Exhibition visitors with their energy. On their part, the audience having got a storm of emotions supported the atmosphere with inflammatory dances.

       By results of the concert, 35 lucky people received free-of-charge tickets for visiting the Exhibition and Caribbean Plaza Pavilion.  


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