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To close one’s eyes…and find oneself in Japan! Instant teleportation is guaranteed for all the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition visitors.

Japan is renowned not only for its innovational technologies but also for its traditions rooted far back in hoary antiquity. OnJuly22 under the National Day of Japan, guests will be shown all which makes the glory of the Land of Rising Sun culture.On this day, the Exhibition area will be immersed into the atmosphere of Akira Kurosawa’s early films and Noboru Iguchi’s futuristic cinema-novels.

ThetraditionalJapaneseparade, geishas’ dancesandvirtuous samurai katana play: all of this will be demonstrated by actors from Japan.

Actors of theOsaka Stage team will also demonstrate their virtue.

The main feature of the performance will be appearance of popular Japanese singer and actor Tatsuo Kamona: the author of the song dedicated toAstana EXPO 2017, and the massed choir of Japanese Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute (GISPRI).

The audio-visual Pavilion ‘DANCE VIEWSIC “EN”’ will hospitably open its doors before the Exhibition guests.


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