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Media Center / Announcement / AtEXPO-2017 inAstana, ItalypresentstheWeekofPiedmont Region:“Piedmont Region as an Example of Creativity and Supremacy”

Under the Week, the Round Table ‘Energy Competence and Practice’ will be held.

TheRoundTablewilltakeplace on July 21, 2017, at the Italian Pavilion and it will be open for all the interested participants since 9:00 in the morning.

UndertheRoundTable, theparticipantswillsharetheexperienceofPiedmontRegioninenvironmentand infrastructure management and speak about new high-tech solutions in urban construction and development of public infrastructure.

BusinessmenfromPiedmontspecializinginnew ‘green’ technologies in industrial manufacture and underground constructionwillappearwithpresentations.

TheOpeningCeremonyofPiedmont Week at EXPO-2017 will be done by President of North-West Region of Italy Ms. Giulia Marcon.

Presentation of energy, natural and infrastructure competence of the Region will be done by Ms. Rosanna Viola - Head of the ‘Clean Technologies’ Sector of Piedmont Agency.

PiedmontRegionisalsoaimedatactivecooperationwithKazakhstanicompanies; andthefirststeptowardsthispartnershiphasbeenorganizationofathree-dayB2Bmeetingunder which over 20 meetings will take place between Kazakhstani companies and Piedmont Region business community members for discussion of the commercial partnership potential of the businesses of the two countries.


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