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The spirit of Turkey is music

Turkish music is not only Tarkan!

To turn around our vision of the musical culture of Turkey is the aim ofthe ANKARA TURKISH WORLD MUSIC GROUP.

This musical team performing under the auspices of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism specializes on classical pieces of Turkish composers.

Nevertheless, the listeners whose jaws hurt of barely stifled yawning at hearing such words as ‘adagio’, ‘symphony’, ‘overture’ and ‘scherzo’ are awaited by a big surprise.

The case is that the Turkish classic style(Turk Sanat Muzigi)considerably differs from samples West Europe classics. It is based on Makam.

This is kind of concept based on sound links, tessiture, starting sound, repeated sound and final sound which draws a pattern of melody and musical images. (The closest analogue of it in the western music is the music of Middle Ages).

The basic musical instruments of this style are:keman –a violin, ud –an instrument resembling lute, kanun –a cittern of72 strings and a Turkish flute - ney.All these instruments, same as our traditional European instruments, are used by the Turkish sextet from Ankara to transfer the national flair(sex means six in Latin).

Besides, theANKARA TURKISH WORLD MUSIC GROUPincludes pieces of the national music into their playlist which are so familiar to those who gas visited the Antalya recreation areas.However, every region of Turkey has its specific and lyrics particularities typical only to it.

The special rhythmic of Turkish music pieces close to march music is combined with distinctive melodics. It all creates inimitable mood specific only to Turkish musical culture.

The ANKARA TURKISH WORLD MUSIC GROUPis a well-known team very popular in Europe. The sextet regularly tours Berlin, Parisand Vienna. The masterly performance of the musicians in classical orchestration is highly appreciated by ethnic music lovers.

The concert organizer –the Pavilion of Turkey at the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition - is confident that the musicians will find the way to the audience’ hearts.

Date: July 21at05:00pm, the Pavilion of Turkey


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