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Media Center / Announcement / This week we are hosting Friuli Venezia Giulia Region week at Astana Expo 2017!

Expo BtoBe together with the Italian region Friuli is glad to present you a number of fascinating, culturally rich and absorbing events!

> 1st August @Italan pavilion at 4:00pm - the professionals in the field of energy, waste treatment and biogas raffinery: Agostino Maio (head of cabinet of the Presidency of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region), Sara Vito - regional councilor for environment and energy, Ing. Norberto Zannini (Bionet) will share their thoughts and ideas with the participants  

> 2nd August @Italian pavilion at 10:00am - various presentations regarding the energy efficiency and electric mobility in Friuli region with the subject-matter experts: Sebastiano Cacciaguerra (central directorate for environment and energy) and Manuela Masutti (AREA Science Park - Trieste) 

> 4th August @Itlaian pavilion at 11:00am - conference held by “Energy_NET” and “Industry 2.0” by Marco Antonio Attisani (Walty)

> 5th August @Itallian pavilion at 11:00am - conference on “Singularity - Technology Singularity” by Marco Antonio Attisani (Walty)


For any further inquiries, please contact us by 


We are looking forward to see you during next eventful week! 

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