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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / The Region of Basilicata at Astana EXPO-2017 on August 6 through 12

An absorbing program is waiting for the visitors of Italian Pavilion starting from the Presentation of the Region on August 6 (10:00 am)and Opening of the Exhibition of watercolors of Fabrice Moireau (12:00 am) at the Italian Pavilion atrium open for visiting from August 6 through 12, and finishing with interesting seminars on the Region experience in energy sector.

Fabrice Moireau isa French pictorialist painter and traveler. He is famous for his sketches of various cities of the world: New York, Paris, Berlin and Rome. A separate album book is dedicated to each city containing many appalling watercolor drawings: architecture, gardens, people; his works dedicated to the lands of Basilicata Region will be presented at the exhibition.

Monday 7th: “Bioclimatic Architecture & Matera 2019”, with experts presenting the famous “Sassi” of Matera

Tuesday 8th August: “Future Energy Made in Basilicata”, workshop where experts present case studies and analysis in the energy field 

Wednesday 9th August: “Energy and Environmental Sustainability Lab”, with deep focus on energy and sustainability themes

Thursday 10th August: “Energy Innovation Technology Industry”, where the Regional Best Practices will be showed

On August 11 (10:00 am), the “Food for Life” exhibition will take place on gastronomic traditions of the rural lands of the Region;

on August 12 (10:00 am), a presentation of itineraries of cinema tourism will be held: a form of culture tourism to the points of national or international cinema, TV or advertisement film shooting effected in Basilicata. The emblematic object at the Pavilion of Italy will be the image of famous Sassi di Matera: a UNESCO Heritage city selected the European Capital of Culture of 2019.

Please note that the events of the week are scheduled on different dates.

For any inquiries or confirmation of participation, please contact us by email



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