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August 10, 2017 Thursday will be celebrated as National Day of Turkey in Expo 2017 Astana. In National Day, the Expo will be dressed in red and white colors and with the finest examples from our rich culture Turkish wind will blow in Expo.

Opening of the Ceremony of National Day of Turkey will be done by Minister of Economy of Turkey Nihat Zeybekci and Kazakstan’s Minister of Investment and Development Mister Jenis Kasımbek.  

Turkey is ready with all its energy for the national day event, which is an Expo tradition and is held on different days in the name of all participating countries.

The during the day activities throughout the Expo and in the Pavilion of Turkey will continue with an opening ceremony at the Expo National Day Scene at 11:00 am after the Turkish breakfast, which will be attended by representatives of Kazakhstan and other countries. Distinguished Turkish and Kazakh ministers, bureaucrats, representatives from different countries, businessmen and the press will join the ceremony The opening speeches of the ceremony, where the national anthems of the two countries will be song and their flags will be raised to the Expo’s flag pole, will be given by Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci and Kazakstan’s Minister of Investment and Development Mister Jenis Kasımbek.


The ceremony will continue with the special show of the sand artist Veysel Çelikdemir reflecting the values ​​of our country and the Horon show of the Fire of Anatolia narrating our rich culture and energy to the world.

At the end of the ceremony, a parade will be held in the accompany of Janissary Band. Participants will be given thousands of floral bouquets as well as thousands of Turkish flags and Expo will be dressed with red-white colors.

The all-day events will be accompanied by spectacular stage performances in the Expo Energy Hall Scene at 17:00 in this section, ErolParlak and Sinan Ayyıldız will present examples from our folk music and then our pop singer Buray who is very popular in Kazakhstan will give a concert.


Performances at the Expo Energy Hall will end with magnificent dances of Fire of Anatolia.

Energy Will Never Slow Down Thanks To Simultaneous Events

While the events will continue in various stages and venues throughout the Expo, they will simultaneously continue in the Pavilion of Turkey. Visitors will be able to participate in activities in front and inside of the Turkish Pavilion and experience a memorable day with dance shows, concerts, Turkish handicrafts (calligraphy, glass, paper marbling) workshops and special tastings and gifts from the Turkish cuisine.

Nutcrackers, dried fruit, baklava, Turkish delight, sugar, ice cream, bakery products, orange juice, pasta, bulgur and olive oil breads will be served to the visitors via the organizations of our Exporters Association. 

The Big Surprise: Diriliş “Ertuğrul” in Turkish Pavilion...

Leading actors and actress of the television serial Diriliş “Ertuğrul” that is watched in Kazakhstan with interest as in other countries Nurettin Sönmez (Bamsı Beyrek), Cengiz Coşkun (Turgut Alp) and producer Mehmet Bozdag will give a pleasant interview to meet with the visitors of Turkish Pavilion and give signatures to them. 


August 10, 2017, Thursday


17:00 -17:30        Janissary Band Show (Energy Hall Entrance)

17:30 -18:00   Turkish Folk Music Concert-Baglama Recital, Erol Parlak and Sinan Ayyıldız

18:00 -19:00        Turkish Pop Music Concert, Buray

19:00 -19:45        Dance Show, Fire of Anatolia

We invite all of our visitors to share memorable moments withthe energetic rhythms of the Janissary Band, one of the oldest bandsin the world, baglama recitals of our esteemed virtuosos Erol Parlak and Sinan Ayyıldız, famous Turkish popular music artist Buray, and impressivedance show of Fire of Anatolia in the ENERGY HALL!

At EXPO 2017 Astana, which is located on a total of 25 hectares of land, Turkey will take part in area of about 1.000 square meter. At the event, which 115 countries and 22 international organizations have participated, the neighbors of Turkey’s Pavilion are Thailand, Jordan and Azerbaijan’.

The opening of the Turkish pavilion under the EXPO 2017 Astana that opened its doors on Saturday, June 10, 2017 was made by TR Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and EXPO 2017 Astana Turkey Commissar Tarık Sönmez, Ambassador of Turkish Republic in Astana Nevzat Uyanık and Minister of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Jenis Kasımbek,

Turkish Pavilion, which welcomed 6,500 people in the opening day, has been visited by more than 400,000 thousand people.



Turkey's EXPO 2017 Astana theme is "'Sustainable Energy Through Global Synergy'". Turkey, a part of this synergy, says "We are here as a center with all our potential, our power and our vision for the sustainability of energy." Acknowledging the responsibility of being a center, Turkey manifests adopting the identities that host, protect, reveal, transform, transmit and share its people-oriented approach with its sub-themes. 


Turkey chose sunflower, symbolizing the sun and clean energy in its logo for EXPO 2017 Astana to give the message that "the world is full of peaceful and positive energy and we should be able to smile safely at the future".

Two circles in the logo represent the center. Additionally, this is the sign for the Sun in petroglyphs belonging to Central Asian Turks. 

The logo also symbolizes the distribution of humanity and energy from the center to the globe with the leaves in the form of outward arrows. 


At Expo 2017 Astana, Turkey focuses on the contribution to world peace with the understanding of equitable sharing of energy. 

Energy is life. The existence of  life extends back to 12 thousand years ago in our lands. Anatolia has always been a source of cultures and natural riches with its ancient history and geography, and has played a leading role in the transformation of energy. Today, our country is a "natural junction" that contributes to the processing and bringing of the energy shaping the future world.

Turkey deals with energy with the responsibility of its position; it emphasizes the importance of world peace, equitable sharing of energy, supply security, energy saving and clean-renewable energy with the concepts, messages, thematic content and activities. 

As well as being the energy base for the world, Turkey is the center of the world energy trade with its coordinated and proactive energy policies and Turkey has prepared the ideal environment and program for the innovative interactions that will arise in the energy of the future and presented its values ​​and experiences to the world with its own vision


Approach: "From Turkey to the Future of the World"

Turkey refers to global scale titles such as energy efficiency and the effects of energy on climate change with specific projects. It promotes clean and renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, water, geothermal and biofuels; also exhibits its underground resources. Having an important place in the world with regard to mine diversity, Turkey works on energy production and the mines used in energy related sectors in order to be able to direct new inventions and innovations.


The themes that shape theTurkish Pavilion:

From the trace of past to the future

• The pavilion of Turkey welcomes its visitors with the entrance gate designed with inspiration from the historical mills of Anatolia and the front wall covered with Anatolian Seljuk motifs.

Energy in nature

• The inviting water sound accompanying  this picture welcomes visitors while drawing attention to the generosity of the Anatolian nature

Impressive contrast

• Participants are now in an energy flow from the very entrance. The projections and giant screens used on the wall get "Turkey's Energy" commune with the decorations of the area and convey them to the visitors. It presents an impressive contrast by combining information and experiences about digitally gained energy with human and natural content.

Under the same sphere

• Each circular transition between the areas is a corridor of energy and all the corridors unite under the sphere (digital sphere) symbolizing life in the center of the pavilion. The sphere gives the message of "Turkey: center of energy for the future of the world"

Turkey: Source of Equitable Sharing for Peace and Future

•  Turkey Pavilion’s last part is marked with Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, the symbolic name of world peace and justice. Equitable share of energy for world peace is handled both through Mevlana's human oriented teachings and through the connection between the whirling dervish ritual and sustainable energy. The dervishes, who perform a fascinating whirling dervish show hanging in the air with hologram technology, bid farewell visitors with Mevlana’s aphorism: 'Come, Whoever You Are Come'


Cultural Interaction

Turkey has brought its big names and cultural values ​​that have affected the world to the pavilion by associating them with the energy theme and put light on the teachings of the future.

From the Silk Road to the energy corridor, from Anatolia's water mills to hydroelectric power plants, from Mevlana burning with the energy of divine love and longing for peace to Turkey embracing the world with humanitarian aids…

Turkey: the center of energy for the future of the world with its vision of embracing the future and "sharing for peace"



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