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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / We invite you to set on a musical trip to Sardinia together with Enzo Favata Trio and singer Elena Ledda!

On August 13, at 07:00 pm, at the Stage of National Day, a concert of contemporary jazz music will be given! Enzo Favata (saxophone and bass clarinet), Salvatore Maiore (guitar 10 strings) and Marcello Peghin (contrabass) are famous Italian jazz musicians.

Virtuosity and energy merge with Mediterranean and Sardinian rhythms and melodies!

The concert is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between Italy and Kazakhstan.

On August 14 at 07:00 pm, at the Stage of National Day, Sardinian singer and composer Elena Ledda in duet will give a concert with Mauro Palmas (mandolin)!

Elena Ledda is an Italian singer executing songs in Sardinian language; she has fabulous soprano voice suitable for opera but Elena executes folk music of her native Sardinia.


Admittance by EXPO tickets.

Mob .: +77751396740



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