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Astana, 13.08.2017. The visitors counting system of the Russian Pavilion at the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition captured entering of the 500,000th guest. The milestone visitor was a school mathematics teacher Zhumagul Farrakhova who came to EXPO-2017 to show the Exhibition, and in particular the Russian display, to her two daughters.

Zhumagul works at a school of Akhmed village in Nura District of Karaganda Region. It was her second visit to the EXPO. For the first time, she was here together with her husband in June when the Exhibition had just taken off. Best of all, she remembered the Pavilion of Kazakhstan ‘Nur Alem’ and the Pavilion of Russia, therefore she decided to show these particular displays to her daughters Assia and Nargiza, pupils of tenth and eleventh grades at school.

Zhumagul revealed her impressions:

"I liked it very much at EXPO so I decided to bring my daughters here. As soon as free time occurred we came here to see the Exhibition. I think such events are very useful to broaden children’s horizons. My daughters asked me: “Mom, why the Russian one?” and I answered: “It’s fascinating at the Russian Pavilion!”.

The Farrakhovs family toured the Russian display and in the end of the tour they were met by the Pavilion Director and officers. With accompaniment of an ovation, Zhumagul was presented with a thematic gift: A Russian Pavilion Energy Set consisting of products symbolizing energy of various regions of Russia. The Set contains: Crimean tea, Altay honey, taiga redberry jam from Urals and jam from Karelia, and also a spice cake and eternal pencil with no need of whittling for 25 years.

Beside the Energy Set, Zhumagul was handed in a ticket to the National Day of Russia to be celebrated on September 8. According to the milestone visitor of the Russian Pavilion, the gifts were a pleasant surprise and she would be happy to visit the forthcoming feast.

As per the statistics, one in four International Exhibition visitors comes to see the Russian Pavilion display. On August 4, the 2,000,000th visitor was registered at EXPO-2017.



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