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Media Center / Announcement / On Tuesday August 15, 2017, a press briefing will take place of the Ukrainian Section of EXPO-2017

Dear journalists!

On Tuesday August15, 2017, a press briefing will take place of the Ukrainian Section of EXPO-2017.

The event will be attended by:

Sergey Svistil: acting Ukrainian Pavilion Commissioner, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine;

Yuri Shevchenko: Representative of the Ukrainian Company “Fuhrlaender Windtechhnology” successfully implementing projects in wind energy in Kazakhstan.

At EXPO-2017, Ukraine presents over 100 developments and projects in alternative energy. They include projects in wind and solar energy, projects of energy generation from biomass and micro and mini hydro stations.Considerable interest of the Kazakhstani and world community in Ukrainian developments and projects has encouraged optimism for further development of successful cooperation. The representatives of the country will speak of how EXPO-2017 has become a momentum for intensification of business relations between Ukraine and Kazakhstan and other world countries.

The event starts at 12.00 am

Venue: EXPO-2017 Media Center, 55 Mangilik El St., Astana city

For enquiries, call:+7 7172 93-90-40, +77779823133

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