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Location: EXPO 2017, Astana | National Day Stage Programs: Morning: Kun Captains and their Band: traditional folk music Szolnok AirForce Band: traditional folk music of the Royal Hungarian Army 15:00: Welcome speech 15.30: Hungarian Soul (Magyar Lélek in Hungarian): grandiose folk musical performance 16:15: Arrival of István Bencze, horseman, ending his expedition at the Expo


About the Hungarian State Foundation Day:August 20, also known as State Foundation Day, is one of the oldest national holidays in Hungary. Hungary's first king St. Stephen's Day, also the day of the Foundation of Hungary and "the day of the new bread". St. Stephen of Hungary (Szent István király in Hungarian) (ca. 975 – 15 August 1038), as the first king of Hungary, led the country into the Christian church and established the institutions of the kingdom and the church. He was canonized on 20 August 1083, and 20 August is his feast day.


Kipchak Days in the Hungarian Pavilion

To commemorate the cultural and economic ties between Kazakhstan and Hungary that have been traditionally strong and are still improving, the Hungarian Pavilion will offer programs to the Kazakh hosts between August 17 - August 18, 2017 that connect Hungarian and Kazakh traditions. - sampling the Hungarian cuisine  - handcraft demonstrations - showing of a movie by Gyula Kenyeres, entitled “Our pride, the Hungarikum” Temporary programs, demonstrations, and performances: August 17: Ágnes Pádár, embroiderer

Hourly music and dance performance from 1 p.m. each day August 17 - 20: Ildikó Debreczeni, costume maker - exhibition and presentation August 18: Hungarian National Day

Promoting the Hungarian National Day: from 10 a.m. kun captains in traditional costumes and the Music Band of Hungarian Army present the traditional songs and habits of the kun people.

3 p.m. National Day Performance at National Day Stage

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