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On August 19, we invite you to celebrate the National Day of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

For you, a musical-instrumental team will perform: “ANIM” (Afghanistan National Institute of Music) which will reveal folk instrumental music of Afghanistan for you. After that, you will be invited to join the picturesque parade to Plaza Silk Road! Waiting for you at 11:00 am! Enjoy EXPO-2017! Less than a month is left!

Afghanistan National Institute of Music with the slogan of changing lives through music provides a dynamic, challenging, and safe learning environment for all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious sect, or socio-economic circumstances. ANIM focuses especially on supporting the most disadvantaged children in Afghanistan aiming to:

  •    Assure Musical Rights
  •    Transform Lives through Music
  •    Revive and Preserve Afghan Music
  •    Train Future Music Educators
  •    Lead Cultural Diplomacy between Afghanistan and the International Community


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