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On the EXPO-2017 Days of Vatican, the International Specialized Exhibition visitors will get a rare occasion to enjoy an appearance of the “Soli Deo Gloria” Catholic Choir of the Cathedral of Holy Transfiguration. The choir was established synchronously with official opening of the Novosibirsk Temple. The repertoire of the creative team of the religious community contains pieces of classic and contemporary authors.

It is expected that in Astana, for the first time the pieces will be executed composed by West European composers of XVI-XVIIcenturies in the style of Gregorian polyphonic chant.

On September 2, the choir will perform at the stage of Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition Amphitheater. It is expected that the Days of Vatican will be attended by Commissioner of the Holy Seat Section at EXPO-2017 – President of Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Honorary Archbishop of Cape Coast Cardinal Peter Turkson, the RK Minister of Religions and Civil Society Nurlan Erkembaev and officials of Astana EXPO-2017 National Company.

On those days, the Pavilion of Vatican will cordially greet guests. The display visitors will be told about the Catholic Church’s contribution into environment protection and development of science. As is well known, the two European largest solar arrays are located in Vatican. The main solar battery is located in the area of 300 hectares near Basilica Santa Maria di Galeria. A solar array is also stationed on the roof of Paul VI Conference Hall. According to experts, the arrays let Vatican prevent combustion of 89.84 tons of oil products.

This year, mounting of photo galvanic installations has been completed in Vatican of the 100 MW capacity and the cost of US0 million. It is meant to be the largest European solar energy plant. The generation capacity is the record for Europe: 200 watts per resident in peak hours (Germany being the world’s leader in this sector has achieved only 80 watts).

The installation made Vatican the first state in the world fully powered by solar energy. There is good reason the European mass media call it ‘the most green’ country in the world.

In the nearest future, the issue will be solved of transition of all the transport means of Vatican (including the famous ‘Popemobile’) to electric haulage. In his Encyclical “Laudato si', the Pope Francis issued an idea of “integral ecology” and called the international community for “responsibility for condition of our mutual home – the Earth”.




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