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For you, the ‘Nello Salsa Ensemble’ will perform with soloist Nello Salza: one of the most famous Italian trumpeters. Career of Nello Salza began as the first trumpet of the San Carlo Theater in Naples, and then at the Opera Theater in Rome.With the orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia, he traveled five continents. At the concerts in which he participated, Carreras, Placido Domingo, Richardelli, Bocelli, Maduno and other world-famous stars soloed. But his name is firmly associated with the Italian cinema. His trumpet has played some of the most popular musical pieces of the Italian and international cinema: from Once upon a time in America by Leone to The Untouchables by De Palma, from The Legend of 1900 and Cinema Paradiso by Tornatore going through Life is beautiful by Benigni up to the recent success of The Hateful Eight by Tarantino (2016 Oscar winning soundtrack by Morricone). Worldwide known as “the Trumpet of the Italian Cinema”, Nello Salza boasts an enormous production. His notes play in over 400 soundtracks of international films. He is M° Morricone’s favourite trumpet player, with whom he cooperated for 250 movies.

Nello Salza: Trumpet, Simone Salza: Sax, Vincenzo Romano: Piano and Arrangements, Gianfranco Romano: Battery, David Medina: Bass guitar

A pleasant surprise will be a concert of the Chamber Choir of Astana Philharmonic directed by Gulmira Kuttybadamova. To attend these exciting shows, you only need an EXPO-2017 ticket!

Waiting for you at 03: pm! Come and get charged with energy! Only a week is left!


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