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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Mansour Al Mansouri: The EXPO-2017 has offered a unique occasion to demonstrate the efforts of the country in forming of the future energy sector

Today, the ceremony of the UAE National Day celebration has been held at the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition. The state succeeded in sharing its experience in renewable energy sources via support and financing of various projects. Here, the Pacific Partner Fund may be mentioned, and also cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Development Fund and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reflecting the innovational status of the UAE and efforts in development of various solutions in environmentally clean energy at the international level. It was reported in the course of the Celebration Ceremony by the UAE National Media Council Director General Mansour Al Mansouri. 

In his speech, he said that the UAE participation in EXPO-2017 rendered a unique occasion to demonstrate the efforts of the country in forming of the future energy sector, and also in studying revolutionary practices, key trends and technologies of other countries within the theme of ‘Future Energy’.

 “The EXPO-2017 Exhibition confirmed the importance of renewable energy, development of green economy and once again stressed the necessity of implementation of new technologies in this line. It found its reflection in the UAE strategy of diversification of energy resources with a particular focus on alternative energy sources. It is aimed at establishment of beneficial balance of different energy sources: the sun, water and wind. As the result of this activity, the global headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency was established in the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi,” concluded Mansour Al Mansouri.

In his turn, the RK Vice Minister of Investments and Development Timur Toktabaev remarked that the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition was a perfect platform to demonstrate achievements in green technologies, development of culture and respect for the nature. As the RK Vice Minister of Investments and Development stressed, during 25 years, countries had closely cooperated in many lines including energy development field. The political and trade-economic interaction has visibly boosted recently.

 “The experience of Dubai has become an inestimable phenomenon in the process of establishment of an international financial center at the EXPO site. Owing to it, new possibilities will open for Emirati investors, and the acting visa-free regime for the UAE citizens encourages enhancement of cooperation in all the sectors,” stressed Timur Toktabaev.

The United Arab Emirates are a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency together with Germany, France, the USA and Australia among the developed countries. The UAE National Pavilion demonstrates solutions in climate control, and also key global initiatives to be implemented in energy sector. Besides, a number of research projects and plans are presented which will promote further growth and prosperity of the nation in the future, being the base for many national organizations. 



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