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For the first time, 2,232 people will become the direct participants of the theatrical show including the volunteers and officers of the EXPO-2017 participant countries. Today, a briefing has been held on the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition Closure Ceremony. The majestic in its scale and spectacularity Hi-Light Show using complicated engineering, choreographed and artistic solutions will erase the border between multiple photic illusions, graphic projections and reality. The large-tonnage scenery levitating in various platitudes simultaneously with movements of air gymnasts, and constantly transforming stage will transfer the audience into the fantastic world of the future. Also, the Ceremony General Producer Borislav Volodin remarked that the basic idea of the event is developments in energy and technology presented at EXPO-2017 in Astana.

“We faced specific targets: to reflect the Exhibition results and express them in artistic form what we eventually arrived at. On that significant day, we have prepared many playoffs and pleasant surprises for the Exhibition guests. I would like to mark that besides the energy and technologies, man remains the key link of this event as it is him who moves everything on the planet. Energy of man is undoubtedly dominating. We will reflect this idea at the Closure Ceremony and it will be adequately emotional live moment. You are awaited by an interesting and impressive show,” concluded Borislav Volodin.

In the course of the briefing, Director of Department of Content and Event Organization Marat Omarov said that the Closure Ceremony festive concert would be given with participation of the ‘MuzArt’ group, Mayra Mukhamedkyzy, M. Bisengaliev’s Symphony Orchestra, Zhamila Serkebaeva, actors of ‘Otyrar Sazy’ Academic Folklore-Ethnographic Orchestra and a number of other famous performers.

Deputy Director of Security Department Denis Davydov also mentioned that in addition to over 3,000 police officers and private securities, over 500 army and National Guard soldiers would be committed at the Closure Ceremony. Special attention is paid to the surveillance cameras installed in the congregate settings.

At the same time, Director of Department of Content and Event Organization Marat Omarov reminded that on that day the Exhibition would operate in the normal course as it had been said before.

The ‘Future Energy’ EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition is an exhibitory and entertainment event held in Astana since June 10 through September 10. The EXPO-2017 Exhibition has placed itself among the most spectacular cultural sites of this year. The Exhibition Closure Ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 10, and it will present the EXPO-2017 guests with the unforgettable show program where all the achievements of this global event will be demonstrated.


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