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According to tradition, the IEB awarded medals to organizations, persons and participant countries’ pavilions for extraordinary efforts in implementation of the majestic and unique event: EXPO-2017. Thus, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev was honored with the first “Gold Medal” in recognition of his personal involvement in hosting of the EXPO-2017 Exhibition and the success achieved by it.

The second “Gold Medal” was adjudged to the International Participants of EXPO-2017 for the organized completion of their tasks, spirit of cooperation and support in successful holding of the event.

The first “Medal of Honor” was adjudged to Akhmetzhan Yessimov in the name of Astana EXPO-2017 National Company for continuous aid and support of all the Exhibition participants, incessant commitment of all the Company officers and demonstration of high level of professionalism. The second “Medal of Honor” was adjudged to the city of Astana for its extraordinary ability to integrate the EXPO-2017 Exhibition both into strategic vision and the city’s day-to-day activities.

Among other things, the first IEB Certificate was adjudged to the EXPO-2017 volunteers who filled a special place at the Exhibition being the prop of the event and implementing the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

The second IEB Certificate was adjudged to the public relations services informing the whole world of the values and message of the Exhibition in Astana.

Also, the International Jury of 9 experts in exhibitions, architecture and international exhibitions selected the winners from among the EXPO-2017 participant counties’ pavilions. The awards were adjudged in two nominations: Exhibitory Design and Revelation of the Exhibition Theme.

From among the shared pavilions in the category of Exhibitory Design, bronze was adjudged to Plaza Latin America, silver – to the Pacific Plaza and gold – to Plaza of the Caribbean Community. In the category Revelation of the Exhibition Theme, the bronze was adjudged to Ukraine, silver – to the Republic of Ghana and gold – to the Republic of Tajikistan.

From among the pavilions with the area of under 400 square meters, the bronze award was adjudged to Latvia, silver – to the Republic of Slovakia and gold was received by the Republic of Poland. In revelation of the Theme, Finland succeeded best of all. The silver was adjudged to Singapore and bronze – to the Republic of Czechia.

In the category of participant pavilions of the area between 400 and 700 square meters, in the nomination of Exhibitory Design, bronze was adjudged to the Principality of Monaco, silver – to Azerbaijan and gold – to Qatar. For deep revelation of the EXPO-2017 Theme, gold was adjudged to the Swiss Confederation, silver – to Hungary and bronze – to India.

From among the participant pavilions of the area over 700 square meters, in the nomination of Exhibitory Design, bronze was adjudged to the Republic of Korea, silver – to the United Kingdom and gold – to the Russian Federation. In the category of Theme Revelation, bronze was adjudged to France, silver – to the People’s Republic of China and gold – to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Alongside this, the IEB Award ‘Space’ was adjudged to the National University of Lesotho. Please note that the IEB Award ‘Space’, jointly adjudged by the International Exhibition Bureau, EXPO-90 Fund and Astana EXPO-2017, this year has been open for non-commercial projects of personal and group initiatives operating in the field of EXPO-200017 Exhibition Theme “Future Energy”.

The Awarding Ceremony became a tradition since the first World Fair held in London, in 1851. The purpose of awarding is inspiration of the participants for further implementation of projects under the Theme of the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition: “Future Energy”; and also global promotion of unique ideas in this line.


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