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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Thanks to EXPO-2017, a new investment instrument to appear in Kazakhstan

Hosting of the International Specialized Exhibition prompted Kazakhstani experts to take a new look at renewable energy sources.

The ‘Astana’ International Financial Center (AIFC) intends to place specialized ‘green’ bonds at the stock exchange. The AstanaEXPO2017 website journalists were informed about it at the AIFC.

With the purpose of incentive of non-carbon technologies development, the AIFC intends to place securities (probably, in the form of promissory notes) to attract funds for environmental projects and production of renewable energy sources.

“The first issue of these securities in Kazakhstan is planned for placing at the AIFC exchange before the end of 2017. For this purpose, a special section will be organized at our trading floor,” clarified the AIFC officer.

Similar financial instruments of relatively low yield are widely practiced in the world. According to the Climate Bonds, the total amount of deals with such bonds grew from US$ 2.5 B in 2012 to US$ 81 B in 2016. So, the interest to ‘green’ technologies receives a source of financing. According to experts, in Kazakhstan, issuers of ‘green’ bonds may be the Government, Regional Administrations, National Holdings and subsidiaries thereof.

“We have entered negotiations with some large Kazakhstani companies and administrations to prevent them from spending budget money but have possibilities to issue ‘green’ bonds in case their projects are aimed at support of environmentally clean vehicles or ‘green’ economy of a region. This offers administrations and companies receiving additional financial capacities in the form of ready assets. Besides, we have held a number of negotiations with large investors ready to invest into such bonds in case the AIFC finds solid issuers in the form of municipal organizations, utility companies or JSCs,’ said the AIFC Managing Director Aydar Kazybaev to the ‘Personal Account ‘correspondent.

Moreover, financiers push an idea of substitution of atmospheric emission charges by bonds (promissory notes).

“It is a very interesting approach for enterprises not to pay penalties in monetary form but issue promissory notes for pollution,” considers Aydar Kazybaev.

As it was said earlier, the ‘Astana’ International Financial Center (AIFC) established by initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbaev will be located in the area of the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition.


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