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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Ministry of Energy: 53 eco electric power stations to emerge in Kazakhstan for KZT one trillion

53 renewable energy source (RES) facilities are planned for commissioning in Kazakhstan for the amount of KZT 1 trillion (US$ 2.9 B). These plans were set by results of agreements with investors concluded in the EXPO-2017 hosting period.

The “Personal Account” periodical published the RK Ministry of Energy reply to the request; in the reply, it is clarified that 22 wind power stations of the 957 MW capacity, 18 solar power stations of the 750 MW capacity and 13 hydro power stations of the 268 MW capacity will be supplied to Kazakhstan. In total, the rated capacity of all the RES power stations will amount to 2 GW.

“The Concept of Transition of Kazakhstan to ‘Green’ Economy’ provides for achievement of the RES share in the total electric power generation volume of up to 3% by 2020 and up to 10% by 2030,” clarified the Ministry of Energy experts.



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