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The published data on the visiting capacity of EXPO-2017 International Exhibition Tourist Area facilities gives a perspective of the tourism development potential

The undisputable leader is the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan, Nur Alem: 8 M and 876 K visitors.

The second in the visiting capacity is the Best Practice Pavilion capable to receive 1 M and 902 K tourists annually.

The thematic pavilions No. 2 dedicated to Future Energy and 1 with its ‘The Nuclear Energy World’ display may welcome 523,050 persons.

The pavilion of creative energy (Art Center) is designed for 126,800 tourist visits per year.

It may be recalled that thanks to EXPO-2017, Astana became the most popular CIS city for Russian, Chinese and German tourists. In three months of EXPO-2017, 5.4 M people arrived in Astana. The Exhibition itself was visited by 3.977 M people.

In the period of Exhibition hosting, national tourism was given a mighty momentum to development. Only in the period of EXPO-2017, the demand for tour operators’ services grew by 78% (as compared to the same period of 2016). In that time, Astana EXPO-2017 National Company concluded 13 agreements with tourist companies on sale of 187.5 thousand tickets within tour packs. At that, over 275 K tour packs were actually sold.


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