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As early as within the first hour upon opening, the Nur Alem Sphere was visited by over two thousand people

Opening of the Nur Alem Pavilion, Art Center, thematic pavilions and Best Practice Area was initially planned for December. But the Astana EXPO-2017 National Company has cut this time.

“Initially, we planned the opening day for December 1 but as we saw that we were ready we moved it and opened it on November 11,” the Public Relations Department Director Sergey Kuyanov told journalists.

“All the facilities are of major popularity and there are queues to each of them from the very morning. By this hour, the Sphere has been visited by over two thousand people and we are really happy with that,” commented the Department of Content and Organization Marat Omarov an hour since the official opening.  

As a side note, the heating system for winter time was initially provided for by the project as the construction project owner – Astana EXPO-2017 National Company – introduced it into the Feasibility Study from the very beginning with account of the facility operation in winter seasons. Thanks to the architectural solution and implementation of energy saving innovations, it will be warm inside the pavilion even in the bitterest frosts.

But it is still not the end of innovations. In the hall of the Sphere, electronic cloakrooms appeared where each visitor may deposit and receive his belongings without exhausting standing in queues by dialing a code known only by him. Though, there are also conventional cloakrooms for those who do not trust mechanics.

From the eighth floor of the Sphere, a picturesque view of the winter city and future ‘ice village’ opens. Here in the place of former Amphitheater Stage, the main X-mas Tree of the country will be erected and an ice labyrinth constructed. Unfortunately, those facilities will be opened a little bit later. The reason is the warm weather unusual for Astana in the middle of November.

“A private organization is in charge of the ice rink; they rent a land site and freeze ice there. They shifted their opening plans now as the weather forecasts turned sour. The mean daily temperature necessary for maintaining artificial ice in the open equals to minus five Celsius. Now, it is slightly higher but temperature fall is expected soon and then they will be able to lay ice,” remarked Sergey Kuyanov.

It may be recalled that after November 11 – 12, admittance to the EXPO-2017 area will be free for all. One only will have to purchase tickets to get to the Nur Alem Sphere, Art Center, thematic pavilions and Best Practice Area, and also to the ice rink.

A network of restaurants and cafes has started operation in the EXPO-area.



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