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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Aset Issekeshev: What Astana gained from hosting of the EXPO-2017 Exhibition.

Mayor of Astana positively appraises the results of EXPO-2017 hosting. According to him, the Exhibition exerted beneficial effect on the city economy

“Since opening of EXPO-2017, it was visited by over 4 million people; it is a considerable figure for Astana. According to the event potential rating of the CIS and SCO countries, Astana joined the Top 5 of the capital cities of these organizations. Ambitious infrastructure projects were implemented in the city: a new terminal building of the airport, new railway station, 11 streets were constructed, hundreds of kilometers of roads repaired, over 50 kilometers of heating networks, 25 kilometers of power grids and many other facilities,” declared Issekeshev in his speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Tourist Area of EXPO-2017.

Under the general cultural program, the City Administration held over 600 cultural and sports events. The number of hotels in the city increased. If in 2016, there were 165 of them and in 2017 this figure exceeded 200; the occupancy increased threefold. Hundreds of new restaurants and cafes opened in the city.

“A great many system measures were taken. In particular, over two thousand surveillance cameras were installed before opening of EXPO which allowed reduction of crime rate in the city. Thus, in 8 months of 2017, the number of registered crimes decreased by almost 20 per cent. Till the end of the year, 13 thousand surveillance cameras will be installed in the city and I am positive that it is also part of the EXPO heritage,” said Astana Mayor.

Aset Issekeshev thinks that Astana possesses all the chances to become the ‘tourist capital of Central Asian region”. For this purpose, the Road Map of Astana Tourism Development till 2020 has been formulated by the City Administration. The aim of the Program is increasing of tourist inflow up to 2 million tourists in 2020.



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