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During the past weekend, the newly opened Tourist Area of Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition was visited by 18 thousand people.

Of which, on November 11 over 7 thousand and on November 12 about 11 thousand visits.

We may remind you that exactly in two months upon accomplishment of the International Specialized Exhibition, Astana EXPO-2017 National Company officially opened for visiting the Exhibition Complex Tourist Area including the Nur Alem Pavilion being now the Museum of the Future Energy, Best Practice Area where the 24 world’s best projects in renewable energy from 13 world countries are presented, thematic pavilions and Art Center where the first Kazakhstani center of contemporary art is located.

Among the first to visit the Exhibition on the opening day was Kazakhstani Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintaev.

On the first two days, attendance was free of charge for visitors. Official sale of tickets will start on November 14.

The cost of a ticket covering admittance to the Nur Alem Pavilion, thematic pavilions, Best Practice Area and Art Center amounts to KZT 1,500.

For the WWII participants, physically impaired people of all categories, orphan children, large family mothers and children of under seven, admittance is free of charge! Tickets are sold for:

- schoolchildren: at KZT 500;

- students: at KZT 800,

- retired people: at KZT 500.

Along that, an underground parking lot operates of 1 K car bays capacity where the first three parking hours will be free of charge and each subsequent hour will cost KZT 100. Driving to the underground parking lot is exewcuted from Turar Ryskulov St. (South Entrance Unit).



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