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The new hydro power station will be the second in capacity in Uzbekistan after Charvak HPS

Uzbekistan has started survey and design works for construction of one of the largest hydro power facilities in Central Asia: Pskem HPS.

According to Sputnik Uzbekistan, the new hydro power station to be located on Pskem River, Bostanlyk District of Tashkent Viloyat, will be the second in capacity in Uzbekistan after Charvak HPS and among the largest in the region. Its capacity will amount to about 400 MW with the average annual power yield of 900 M kW/h.

By expert estimates, the total project cost will exceed US$ 800 M with the major part of it to be invested by Uzbekistan itself. Along with that, raising of about US$ 240 M of loan funds is planned to be provided by Chinese Eximbank.

“The new station will not only allow ensuring power supply to Tashkent Viloyat and release of peak ratings in the whole system, but also play significant water management part for the country. In particular, it will reliably provide the agricultural sector with water,” an ‘Uzbekhydroenergo’ source told the internet periodical.

Today, there are over 430 K rivers and other water streams in Uzbekistan of the about 12.7 K km total length. Annually, about 60 B kW/h of electric power is generated in the country. Ofwhichover 6.5 BcomefromtheHPSs. According to expert estimations, over the medium term the available resources will allow increasing of electric power generation by the Uzbek HPSs to 27.4 B kWh per year.


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