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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / A group of foreign journalists making a tour of Kazakhstan visited the EXPO-2017 Tourist Area

A group of foreign journalists came to Kazakhstan to acquaint themselves with achievements of contemporary Kazakhstani art. In the course of a week-long press tour jointly organized by the RK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Sports, the journalists visited Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Turkestan.

The tour was participated by over twenty journalists and bloggers specializing in the themes of culture, art and tourism from Australia, Austria, Brazil, the UK, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Canada, Serbia, the USA, France, the RSA and Japan. The represented foreign mass media included such renowned periodicals as the American “Forbes” and “Huff Post”, Canadian “Ottawa Life” magazine, Australian periodical “The Weekly Times”, Japanese Informational Agency “Kyodo Tsushin”, Italian “IN TERRIS” and others.

The journalists were warmly greeted at the EXPO-2017 Tourist Area. The foreign guests visited the Nur Alem National Pavilion, thematic pavilions, Best Practice Area and Art Center. Special attention of the guests was paid to the Nur Alem Pavilion. According to the journalists, the Pavilion was a successful symbiosis of an educational show and interactive display. A number of foreign guests expressed their sincere delight of what they saw and regretted they had failed to visit the EXPO-2017 Exhibition in the summer.



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