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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / The ‘green’ bond market surpassed the mark of US$ 100 B

The record of Green Bonds placing of the past year (US$ 81.6 B were placed) has already been surpassed.

It was declared by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Organization at the Climatic Conference (COP23) held in Bonn. Reaching of the 100 B mark became possible due to placing od bonds for the amount of US 1.5 B by China Development Bank.

The three leaders of the current year are China, France and the USA. For the first time, the first ten have been joined by India and Mexico.

In the coming weeks, it is expected that Nigeria will become the first African country to issue governmental Green Bonds.

By results of the year, the market will reach the mark of US$ 130 B, as is expected by the CBI. In the first half of the year, Moody’s predicted the volume of Green Bonds market in the amount of US$ 120 B.



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