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Tesla Motors has presented its first electric truck and a new car model Tesla Roadster: an AWD sports car.

The presentation took place in the Company’s hangar in the city of Horton, California. The presentation was given by the founder and Executive Director of the Company Elon Musk. He christened the electric truck Tesla Semi Truck ‘the Bullet’.

By one recharge, the truck may cover 804.5 km with full load and at maximum possible speed. By the way, the maximum load amounts to 36 tons. As the length of the majority of cargo run amounts to 338 km, drivers may reach the destination and return without stopping for recharge, stressed Elon Musk.

The electric truck recharging time is relatively short: 30 minutes of recharging may ensure 643.6 km run of the truck. The lorry has four independent electric motors operating each one of the four wheels.

Tesla Semi Track may speed up to 96 km/h in 5 seconds (without load), and at the maximum load permitted on the USA highways (36 tons), the lorry will gain the said speed in 20 seconds.

The truck is designed with a one-man cockpit. The seat is located in the center with two sensor monitors to the right and left of the steering wheel which display basic indices: the speed, battery charge level etc. The situation pictures of the road the truck is moving along are also displayed on these screens.

The latest semi-autonomous system of Tesla is installed in the truck: it allows keeping the vehicle in its lane, change lanes and switch to another highway without the driver’s participation.

Elon Musk has also calculated that cargo transportation by Teslas will cost US$ 0.85 per mile (1.609 km) whereas diesel truck services cost about US$ 1.51. Serial manufacture of electric trucks will start in 2019. In their turn, analysts think that actual deliveries of trucks will not start before 2020. An electric lorry cost has not been declared by the creators thereof.

The new Tesla Roadster is an AWD sports car with a transparent swing roof. It gains speed of almost 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds.​ By one recharge, the sports car may cover the distance of almost 1,000 km, and its maximum speed amounts to 400 km/h. The car is designed for four people. Sales of the Roadster are planned by the Company to be started in 2020; the price of the base model will start at US$ 200 K.


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