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Kazakhstan may offer Italian business new projects.

Political analysts, businessmen, deputies of Italian Parliament and guests of the Exhibition met in Rome to speak on prospects of cooperation between the two countries and new projects, informs the TV Channel.

The conference was organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan and the Italian Institute of High Geopolitical Studies with the purpose of investment attraction.

For Kazakhstan, Italy is among the basic trade partners: the volume of its investments amounts to US$ six billion. After the EXPO, Kazakhstan may offer quite a number of new opportunities and projects. First of all, they are in the fields of tourism, alternative energy development and green technologies.

“Today, we are speaking of the role of Kazakhstan after the EXPO Exhibition in Astana. This role is of course very interesting for Italy and Europe. The interrelations between our countries have been considerably strengthening for the recent years and we can see it. And they will be much closer in the future. Kazakhstan is a country offering many opportunities, especially in alternative energy. That was the theme of EXPO. It is very interesting for Europe,” thinks the Italian Institute of High Geopolitical Studies scientific researcher Alessandra Benignetti.




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