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The EXPO-2017 Exhibition spurred growth of Karaganda Region economy. It was declared by Karaganda Region Governor Erlan Koshanov at his press conference at the Central Communications Service.

Out of the technologies presented at the Exhibition, 31 projects were selected for further study and implementation. In particular, the Finnish project of a plant for zero-waste processing of solid domestic waste. Presently, the Administration considers a possibility of construction of a waste processing plant basing on this technology.

Erlan Koshanov mentioned that scientific developments of Karaganda scientists had been displayed at the Nur Alem National Pavilion. The projects have already been commissioned. They are a biogas ‘mini-station’ plant, mini hydro stations in rural districts and hydro-dynamic heaters. In total, commissioning of six new ‘green energy’ facilities is planned by 2020. The total capacity of these power sources will amount to 261 MW.

According to Governor, EXPO-2017 promoted development of tourism. Over 300 K Karaganda Region citizens visited EXPO-2017 and Astana. Interest grew to Karaganda itself: this year, the Region received by 20 per cent more tourists. Their number at resort areas grew by 42 per cent. In the period of preparation for EXPO, 26 new tourist facilities were constructed in the Region for the amount of KZT 9.3 B.


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