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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / The main Xmas Tree of Astana is at EXPO-2017

 The main Xmas Tree of Astana has been lit at the EXPO-2017 Tourist Area. The event was attended by about 3,000 citizens and guests of the city.

At the Exhibition, the largest Astana ice village was also opened. Two slide slopes were erected for adults of the height of five meters and length of forty meters. Two more slopes are designed for children; they have the height of 2.5 meters and length of 14 meters.

The EXPO-2017 theme: Future Energy has become the theme of the ice village. Therefore, ice replicas of the Chrystal Palace constructed for the First EXPO Fair in 1851 in London and Eiffel’s Tower being the entrance arch of the Fair of 1889 in Paris are stationed here, as well as a crystal labyrinth and other facilities.

The 25 meters high Xmas Tree is stationed in front of the main Exhibition facility: the Nur Alem Pavilion.



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