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Pavilion "Nur Alem" / Description

The architectural symbol of the Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition is the central element of the Exhibition Complex: Nur Alem. It will be the world's largest spherical building with the diameter of 80 and height of 100 meters. At the first floor of the building, the Pavilion of Kazakhstan will be placed where visitors will be able to acquaint themselves with the history, culture, traditions, places of interest and also recent achievements of Kazakhstan. In the Sphere itself, the Museum of Future will be situated. More than just a museum, ‘Nur Alem’ must become an innovational hub of the sort and important research and culture center after the Exhibition. Digital, multimedia and interactive technologies will allow enhancement of perception of the display area at the second through eighth floors of the Museum of Future, where the basic types of energy will be demonstrated: those of the space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetics. It will be possible to ascend by elevators to the view point in the upper part of the building, from where a beautiful view of the whole EXPO area will open. Just before the entrance, the Main Square is situated where the Exhibition visitors will gather.

The singularity of the construction is that it will be the world’s first ‘complete sphere’ building. Integration of photovoltaic elements into the façade design allowing conversion of sunlight energy into electric one is planned. Two wind generators are also provided for at the upper part of the sphere.


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