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Administrative Office / Corporate management / Adoption of Internal Control and Risk Management Systems

One of strategic areas in the management efficiency improvement as per the Development Strategy of Astana Expo-2017 National CompanyJSC (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is adoption of internal control and risk management systems.

Risk management system is defined as a continuous cyclical process of adopting and executing managerial decisions comprising identification, appraisal, response to risks and control over risk management and monitoring efficiency and planning embedded in the general company management process.

Prior to the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 the Company is developing and implementing risk management and internal control systems. This process has developed the following documents:


  • Risk Management Policy;

  • Internal Control System Policy;

  • Risk Identification and Appraisal Approach;

  • Key Risk Indicator Calculation Approach;

  • Risk-Appetite;

  • Register of Risks, Company Risks. Risk Management Activities;

  • Key Risk Indicators for Company’s key risks;

  • Risk and Operational Activity Matrixes;

  • Flow-charts demonstrating processes, risks and control procedures.


Risk Management and Internal Control Systems are key components of Corporate Governance System and important aspect of its effective operation. The above activities for risk management and internal control systems will enable to:


● identify, assess key risks and take appropriate measures to respond to key risks;

● improve the Company Corporate Governance;

● increase the trust of shareholders and potential investors.

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