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The opening ceremony of the Year of Youth took place in the Sphere «Nur Alem»

The EXPO area becomes a platform for major events of the republican and international level. So, today the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev launched the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. The solemn opening ceremony of «Generation of Independence» was held in the Sphere «Nur Alem».

The event was attended by representatives of all categories of youth: winners of the «100 New Faces» competition, «Bolashak» graduates, young scientists, athletes, gifted children, popular bloggers and vainers, inmates and graduates of orphanages, young military personnel and others.

The solemn opening ceremony of «Generation of Independence” anticipates the implementation of a large-scale event plan aimed at comprehensive support and implementation of the government youth policy in the country.

«Youth is a key factor in the competitiveness of our country in the modern world. It is up to you – the future of Kazakhstan depends on your knowledge, energy and patriotism. Everything that we do now is done for your happy life, so that you can fully realize your potential and opportunities», said the Head of State.  



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