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Football team EXPO takes part in the winter «Qazaqstan Qyzmet Cup» tournament

On January 30th, the solemn opening ceremony of the «Qazaqstan Qyzmet Cup» winter football tournament took place at the «Astana Arena» Stadium. Football competition is a big tournament among teams of state bodies and companies in the quasi-public sector.

This year, 24 teams will compete for the title of «best football team».

The team of the «National Company» «Astana EXPO-2017» is the debutant of this competition. Our colleagues played the first match with the team of the «National Olympic Committee» where they won a landslide victory with a score of 4: 2. Hat-trick on the account of the manager of the department of economy and budget planning Halymuly Madi, as well as one goal on the account of the general manager of the department of object management Abilov Auyez-Abilsaid.

Our team is located in Group A, where it will meet with the players of the National Security Committee, the Presidential Administration, the Accounts Committee and the «Nur Otan» party.

All games will be held every Wednesday at 20:30 at the Astana Arena stadium.

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