Thematic Pavilions / Description

The Exhibition theme ‘Future Energy’ will be presented in four thematic axes. Accordingly, allocation of four large sites in the Exhibition area for the thematic pavilions is provided for by the General Layout. The sites may be connected with each other, overlap the area of adjacent outdoor areas and public space by means of the so-called ‘Thematic Itineraries’. Special thematic design has been provided for in these areas and placing of the according information on the subject, related to solution of what is the sustainable mode of life and how we can achieve it.

The two Thematic Pavilions are also the crucial objects for covering the Exhibition Theme.

At the first Pavilion, the idea will be revealed of how the energy created by the space and Earth can be used by mankind under the conditions of contemporary energy sector development. The basic theme of the second Pavilion will be realization of the problem of global energy crisis which has led to natural resources depletion and environmental pollution.

In the context of city planning, selection of the Thematic Pavilions location was caused by desire to ensure maximum space for architectural creativity and organization of the Exhibition inner structure. The Thematic Pavilions will be connected with international pavilions by the Circular Boulevard where daily show parades will take place, and also art performances and installations held.


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