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The Pavilion is open seven days a week since 9:00 am till 09:30 pm.

Three times a week, educational cartoons and contemporary films about science for adults and children are demonstrated at the Lecture Hall at the second floor.

Best Practice Area (eBPa) is a symbolical center of EXPO-2017 where the best technologies are exhibited, and also projects and strategies in various sectors of sustainable energy: production, storage and consumption of electric power, climate change combat and ensuring electric power availability in developing countries.

24 projects from 13 countries were selected by the International Committee presided by President of Nazarbaev University Dr. Shigeo Katsu from the global lot of over a hundred bids.


The Pavilion is divided into six thematic areas and united by the impulse light installation ‘Energy Stream’.


The first and most multiplex area is Renewable and Alternative Energy

Renewable or ‘green’ energy is generated by the sources of inexhaustible resources replenished by natural way. Today, hydro energy is considered the basic type of renewable energy.

In the context of efficiency, energy of wind, the Sun, biomass and geothermal sources also possesses large potential. Use of alternative resources is regarded as ecologically harmless and decisively beneficial method of energy generation.

In this area, both revolutionary developments of such industrial giants as Andtritz Hydro, Greenrail, Scrooser, Formula E, Heliovis, Angled Blades are exhibited and new projects in bio-technologies, for example Bioo and Glowee.

Energy Storage

Levels of electric energy necessary for various facilities vary as well as volumes of energy generated by the Sun or wind. Energy storage is accumulation of energy to support balance of maximum demand and peak order for supply.

Storage is the key line in releasing of capacities of renewable energy. Storage systems allow accumulation of generated energy which is not consumed in full, and increase independence level of energy provision of a facility.

Projects of two industrial giants: Viessmann and Primus Powerare exhibited in this area.

Entertainment and education may be found in the Energy Spot area.

Energy exists everywhere: underfoot in cities, on façades, in habitual transport etc. Sometimes, we need only a fresh look at the existing infrastructure and human habits to find a way of extraction and application of this energy in daily routine.

The Pavegen Project will allow getting a 360 degree GIF picture the electric power for which will be generated by a visitor’s stepping; outside, one may ride the ‘Solar Rickshaw’; at the second floor, you may feel Godzilla in the installation ‘Platio’; one may also try his hand at a role of power engineer in the play of "Energy Lab".

Energy of Natural Resources opens the second floor of the Pavilion.

Natural resources are an inexhaustible source of energy. To reduce pressure on exhaustible sources, efficiency of renewable energy sources: water, wind and the Sun must be increased.

Contemporary technologies of getting energy from renewable resources are a potent base for energy autonomy without harming the environment.

Implementation of such solutions is beneficial both in the financial and ecological context. Efficiency of use of energy resources is defined by conversion thereof into the end types of energy or production.


Farther on the second floor, the areas of Energy Efficiency and Traditional Energy are located

Efficient use of energy or balanced ratio of consumption and generation indices will allow reduction of utility expenses, and also increase capacity of enterprises.

At reaching energy efficiency, high level of energy potential is ensured, and a lesser volume of resources is involved in that. It is critical for the technologies of use of fossil fuels to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.


The most prominent examples are: ABB Solar Impulse, Silo and Polarsol Oy


Continuing the tour of the second floor in the energy Distribution area, one may get acquainted with the projects ‘Solar Kiosk‘, the ‘Global Himalayan‘ expedition and the super-conductor ‘Super OX, ABB smart Grids.

Photos of the Pavilion and events are available on this shortcut.


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