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The key concepts of Astana EXPO 2017 – socio-economic and environmental – derive from the contemplation of energy use in a context linked with sustainable development.

Key concepts, 
addressed within the project

In regard to the socio-economic sphere:

         Promoting renewable energy and other energy alternatives

             Energy efficiency and responsible consumption

       Electrification of transport

         Universal access to clean energy

         Energy security

          The inseparability of energy and matter, life, and human beings


In regard to the environmental sphere:

    Fossil energy resources, limited and highly polluting in their use as the primary source of electric energy

           Global warming and climate change

            Pollution and its health risks

       Reduction in fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions


In summary:


Dedicating an International Exposition to the theme of FUTURE ENERGY entails thinking about a topic that is basic to our existence and critical for safeguarding and improving our quality of life. This is the case especially since the more or less conventional energy sources powering our machines, heating our homes and lighting our cities are triggering uncertainty and alarm because of their progressive depletion, their viability and the serious impact of their use on the planet, our health and our security.


It is not only natural but necessary, therefore, for an event such as Astana EXPO 2017 to address the possibilities of FUTURE ENERGY in an effort to promote the most appropriate and viable sustainability-driven action plans.

Astana EXPO 2017 will help us look at energy from a common, global viewpoint that takes into account the challenges and concerns facing humanity, safeguarding our health and the environment while boosting economic and social development.

This balance depends on many elements and is everyone’s responsibility.



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