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Pavilion "Nur Alem" / Future energy / New technologies

1. Technologies

In accordance with scheduled theme of the Exhibition “Future Energy”, the latest technologies will be used in the construction and event holding. Such as smart technologies, renewable power generation, the use of the newest materials in the construction, as well as sustainable and efficient approach to operation of facilities of the Exhibition.

2. Energy-efficient and smart use of facilities of the Exhibition

To optimize the energy consumption of buildings, Organizers will use new technologies in the field of energy calculation of buildings, which will use a number of innovations to ensure maximum reduction of energy use, without detriment to the comfort provided. For example, the use of different sensors to count the number of people and distribution of lighting that will reduce the energy use.

Smart Grid technology will be used to reduce and smooth over peak loads on electric networks, as well as to integrate renewable energy sources into infrastructure of the Exhibition and city. This technology will enable to track energy consumption of all major facilities on a real-time basis for decision-making on the distribution of loads on an automatic basis.

Figure: Smart City System

New technologies will be used to optimize automobile parking and human traffic along the territory of the Exhibition complex. These systems will be directly connected with systems ensuring the safety of visitors of the Exhibition and Official participants, which will allow quickly preventing and solving emergencies.

Besides security and energy consumption optimization systems, augmented reality systems, the latest communication and interactive notification system will be developed. These technologies will provide efficient pastime for visitors and their easy interaction with Official participants and organizers of the Exhibition with the help of mobile applications.

3. Telecommunication services

Open Wi-Fi network will operate throughout the entire territory of the Exhibition complex for easy access to mobile services of the Exhibition.

Dedicated channels (hereinafter – “VPN”) will be provided for convenience in work of Official participants. Organization of VPN tunnels will be organized by point-to-point method for safety of data channels. Special-purpose control and access management servers will be used for authentication and access.

Communications service provider will be selected on a competitive basis by the Organizer to provide telecommunication services at the territory of the Exhibition. In addition, the territory of the Exhibition complex will be covered by a network of national mobile operators.

4. Data Processing Center

Modern Data Processing Center (hereinafter – “DPC”) will be created at the territory of the Exhibition complex, built with the use of the latest technologies. Powers of DPC are designed not only for work of services of the Organizer, but also for opportunity to deploy services of Official participants.

Figure: Data Processing Center

Data protection against hacker attacks, internal entry beyond security perimeter and virus threat will be provided with the latest software and hardware.

5. Renewable energy sources

Solar energy. Solar energy is the main source of life on the Earth. Solar energy will be used at the territory of the Exhibition both actively for generation of electric energy and heat, and passively, taking into account natural behavior of the Sun during the design and construction stage to ensure maximum penetration of daylight and to reduce the load on heating and air conditioning.

Also Kazakhstan-manufactured photovoltaic panels will be used for demonstration purposes. It is planned to integrate this technology into the south facade of the Art Center. Technologies, which will produce electric energy at the facility without violation of intended futuristic design of the Exhibition, will be used in accordance with the general design concept.

Figure: Photovoltaic panels

Wind energy. Electric supply of facilities of the Exhibition from wind energy will be represented by silent wind-powered generators, installation of which will be possible within the city and does not depend on the direction and vibrations of wind.

2 wind-powered generators will be provided at the top of the Sphere, which will ensure reduced electric power consumption from the network. It is planned to locate additional wind turbines at the territory of the EXPO-Park.

Figure: Wind-powered generators in the Sphere

Earth energy. It is planned to use geothermal energy to replace the part of heating load for facilities of the Exhibition. Since there are no resources with hot groundwater at the territory of the Exhibition in Astana, the method of heat extraction from the Earth’s interior will be used with the help of heat pumps, which as of today are the most effective energy-saving, environmentally-friendly heating and air conditioning system. Coolants, which meet modern international standards and do not harm the ozone layer of the planet, will be used to comply with requirements of certification of green buildings.

Figure: Geothermal energy

6. Smart parking system

All parking spaces at the territory of the Exhibition complex will be automated using the latest technologies. Various methods of authentication of vehicles entering the territory of the Exhibition will be used, which will reduce the time of entry and simplify the procedure of payment. Also there will be the opportunity of booking a parking space through WEB-application.

Figure: Smart parking system

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