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The Dutch Acrobats create easy and pleasant access to “the best of Dutch folklore“ with playful interactivity that invites people to join in and participate. 

On the Expo Astana 2017 the Dutch Acrobats will perform with  two walk acts: 

Dutch Giants; a rural couple on stilts Dutch folk costumes in super size. But even the smallest people in town are welcome to shake their hands.  You will be introduced to the Dutch ritual of greetings and probably you are kindly asked to help out with the situations that these Dutch Giants constantly create. 

Acrobatic Clogdance; a rural couple on acrobatic tour Smartly dressed for a day on the town, this rural couple has a good laugh about many funny aspects of life. Audience-members are welcome to join in a clogdance, a folksy conversation, or an acrobatic demonstration.


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