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The United States celebrates its independence each year on July 4, and this year is proud to mark its National Day at Astana Expo 2017. The celebration includes a broad range of events at the Expo National Day Stage and the USA Pavilion. A concert of U.S. and Kazakhstani musicians will showcase traditional and modern music of our two countries as well as a unique blend of American and Kazakh cultural traditions. Award-winning American performer Maya Azucena, the Astana Bluegrass Survivors band, and USA Pavilion Student Ambassador Grace Garrett will highlight via their performances the theme of the U.S. Pavilion, that “the source of infinite energy is within all of us. It is the energy that fuels our dreams and brings us together to do amazing things.” The strong cultural ties between our two nations are as important as our political and economic relationship. This spirit of friendship is at the heart of the USA Pavilion and the celebration of the United States’ National Day.

Maya Azucena, a multi-award winning recording artist and magnetically inspirational woman, is known for making music that uplifts the soul. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she travels the world empowering others through her songs.


The Astana Bluegrass Survivors are an American-Kazakhstani band that performs the traditional American genre of bluegrass music. The members of the band met in Astana, where they teach, study, and work. Bluegrass music originated in the American South and shares many of the same roots as American country music.


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